2023 Updates and Announcements

2023 Updates and Announcements
Hello friends, we are so excited to be writing our first 2023 blog post! A lot has happened since we last checked in, and we are grateful for a moment to catch you up with some updates.

To begin with, we have just completed our second GiveBack! Our GiveBack is made possible with proceeds donated from 1% of our 340g Deadhead, Hooked, Haywire, and Stillwater bag sales.This latest GiveBack was made possible by our sales from May-Dec 2022.  In addition, leftover money from our previous GiveBack was added, which created a total of $820 to use towards soups to gift! 

To help us create the soups, we partnered with the Vancouver Island University Culinary program. Why was this the perfect fit? We wanted to share the act of giving with local students. From our own experience as children, and now as parents, we feel that giving back to the people and places around us is one of the most rewarding experiences. The hard working students and instructors did a fabulous job. Using the ingredients we purchased, they made and froze nearly 200 soups! 

What type of soup did these talented students make? A pureed squash and apple soup, as well as an Israeli Chicken Soup. For the ingredients we were able to source the chicken, garlic, (frozen) tomatoes, herbs, squash, and apples locally from Pat at Andtabaka Farm. Huge shout out to Pat and her farming team! They have such great products and the sweetest farm store. You have to check it out! The soups were frozen in 1litre containers for ease of transport and longevity. It was our hope that a soup would provide a healthy and satisfying meal, and would require nothing more than basic kitchen equipment to prepare by the consumer. The locations we donated to included our local Gerry Grey Place for Older Adults (On Duncan St), The Comox Valley FoodBank, and the Sunshine Coast Foodbank. We have been receiving great feedback on the soups since they were delivered - way to go to the farmers and chefs!

As for other updates, we are proud to announce that we are now one of thirty-nine BC businesses to have achieved their Green Leader Certification from BC Green Business in Victoria, BC. This certification is awarded to Companies who have met their highest certification requirements for two consecutive years, and meet those same standards going into their third year. We are humbled and appreciative for this recognition and are proud to share this achievement. 

Finally, we are excited to announce our commitment to quarterly public clean-ups. We have been doing clean-ups for a few years now, however, we have not scheduled the where and when. To kick off 2023, we wanted to implement this commitment, to get ourselves cleaning more regularly, and begin planning in advance so that friends can plan to join us. To learn more about our Cleanups, and Givebacks, you can visit our main webpage, where you can find information, such as total weight of garbage cleaned up, and quantity of soups donated to date in 2023. As we do more cleanups and GiveBacks, we will be sure to keep these numbers updated! 
Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read this blog post, and who supports our company. We are a small, family-run business, with big dreams of social and environmental impact. You make it possible!

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